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Android Fragments is a 100-page quick start accelerated guide to learning and quickly using Android fragments. You'll learn how to code for fragments; deal with config changes; code for regular vs. fragmented dialogs; work with preferences and saving state; work with the compatibility library; and handle advanced async tasks and progress dialogs.

After reading and using this book, which is based on material from the best-selling Pro Android, you'll be an Android UI savant. At the very least, your apps' user interfaces and event handling will be more competitive and better performing, especially for tablet-optimized UIs and events.

Publisher: Apress
Author: Dave MacLean, Satya Komatineni
ISBN: 978-1-484208-54-0
Year: 2014
Pages: 140
Language: English
File size: 1.7 MB
File format: PDF
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