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Expert Oracle Application Express, 2nd Edition is newly updated for APEX 5.0 and brings deep insight from some of the best APEX practitioners in the field today. You'll learn about important features in APEX 5.0, and how those can be applied to make your development work easier and with greater impact on your business. Oracle Application Express (APEX) is an entirely web-based development framework that is built into every edition of Oracle Database. The framework rests upon Oracle's powerful PL/SQL language, enabling power users and developers to rapidly develop applications that easily scale to hundreds, even thousands of concurrent users. APEX has seen meteoric growth and is becoming the tool of choice for ad-hoc application development in the enterprise.

You'll learn about debugging and performance, deep secrets to customizing your application user interface, how to secure applications from intrusion, and about deploying globally in multiple languages. Expert Oracle Application Express, 2nd Edition is truly a book that will move you and your skillset a big step towards the apex of Application Express development.

Publisher: Apress
Author: Dan McGhan, Denes Kubicek, Dimitri Gielis, Doug Gault, Francis Mignault, John Scott, Raj Mattamal, Roel Hartman, Sharon Kennedy, Karen Cannell, Martin D'Souza, Tom Petrus, Jorge Rimblas, Christoph Ruepprich, Nick Buytaert
ISBN: 978-1-484204-85-6
Year: 2015
Pages: 664
Language: English
File size: 33 MB
File format: PDF
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