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Enterprise Manager 12c (EM12c), Oracle's newest and fully-integrated enterprise management product, now provides a complete cloud lifecycle management solution and enterprise environment management interface. Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c opens up the secrets of this incredible management tool, saving you time while enhancing your visibility as someone management can rely upon to deliver reliable database service in today's increasingly chaotic and change-driven IT environment.

Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c covers all the topics you demand and need to function effectively, from basic monitoring and configuration to advanced metric extensions and plugins. Real-life scenarios and demonstrations place you in the comfort zone of using the EM12c console, and the experienced author team provides deep understanding of the inner workings of this new Enterprise Manager.

Publisher: Apress
Author: Alex Gorbachev, Kellyn Pot'vin, Anand Akela, Gokhan Atil, Bobby Curtis, Niall Litchfield, Leighton Nelson, Pete Sharman
ISBN: 978-1-4302-4938-2
Year: 2013
Pages: 532
Language: English
File size: 19.1 MB
File format: PDF
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