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ImpactJS is a JavaScript library specially geared towards building 2-dimensional games. It is intuitive and versatile and allows the game developer to get results in no time while keeping an easy overview when games grow more complex. Games built with ImpactJS can be published on websites and even as an app on both Android and iOS.

With HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS, building games for the Web and app markets has never been so easy. Using the ImpactJS JavaScript engine, you only need this book and basic knowledge of JavaScript in order to build and publish your own game.

Publisher: Packt Publishing
Author: Davy Cielen, Arno Meysman
ISBN: 978-1-84969-456-8
Year: 2013
Pages: 304
Language: English
File size: 3.9 MB
File format: PDF
Buy: HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS

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