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Swift, OpenStack's cloud software project, allows users to build cloud storage, a method used widely to slash costs and improve usability. With Swift, not only can users build storage using inexpensive commodity hardware, but they can also use public cloud storage that is built using the same technology. This book will provide you with the skills to build and operate your own cloud storage or use a third-party cloud.

You will start with the fundamentals of cloud storage, how OpenStack Swift is useful for cloud storage, and a review of Swift's architecture. Next, learn about installation, use, and managing Swift with step-by-step instructions and ample screenshots. Perform basic data transfers and access-control-list management using REST APIs.

Publisher: Packt Publishing
Author: Amar Kapadia, Sreedhar Varma, Kris Rajana
ISBN: 978-1-782-16805-8
Year: 2014
Pages: 140
Language: English
File size: 4.5 MB
File format: PDF
Buy: Implementing Cloud Storage with OpenStack Swift

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