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Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn generate a tremendous amount of valuable social data, but how can you find out who's making connections with social media, what they’re talking about, or where they’re located? This concise and practical book shows you how to answer these questions and more. You'll learn how to combine social web data, analysis techniques, and visualization to help you find what you've been looking for in the social haystack, as well as useful information you didn't know existed.

Each standalone chapter introduces techniques for mining data in different areas of the social Web, including blogs and email. All you need to get started is a programming background and a willingness to learn basic Python tools.

Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Author: Matthew A. Russell
ISBN: 978-1-4493-8834-8
Year: 2011
Pages: 360
Language: English
File size: 7.1 MB
File format: PDF
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