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With employees, rather than the IT department, now driving the decision of which devices to use on the job, many companies are scrambling to integrate enterprise applications. Fortunately, enterprise developers can now create apps for all major mobile devices using C#/.NET and Mono, languages most already know. A team of authors draws on their vast experiences to teach you how to create cross-platform mobile applications, while delivering the same functionality to PC's, laptops and the web from a single technology platform and code-base. Rather than reinventing the wheel with each app, this book provides you with the tools you need for cross-platform development - no new languages needed!

Publisher: Wrox
Author: Ben Horgen, John Hunter, Kenny Goers, Scott Olson
ISBN: 978-1-1181-5770-1
Year: 2012
Pages: 384
Language: English
File size: 21.9 MB
File format: PDF
Buy: Professional Cross-Platform Mobile Development in C#

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