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Written to the SQL:2006 ANSI/ISO standard, this easy-to-follow guide will get you started programming in SQL right away. You will learn how to retrieve, insert, update, and delete database data, and perform management and administrative functions. SQL: A Beginner's Guide, Third Edition covers new features, including SQL/XML, and is loaded with updated SQL examples along with notes on using them with the latest RDBMS software versions such as MySQL 5.0, SQL Server 2008, and Oracle Database 11g.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Author: Andy Oppel, Robert Sheldon
ISBN: 978-0-07154-864-9
Year: 2008
Pages: 534
Language: English
File size: 4.5 MB
File format: PDF
Buy: SQL: A Beginner's Guide, 3rd Edition

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